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Teaching Series - Spiritual Disciplines

Intro to Spiritual Disciplines
This is the Introduction to our study of Spiritual Disciplines. We will cover 10-12 disciplines from the middle of May through the first of August.

The Discipline of Prayer
How do we "pray without ceasing?" Do we need to concentrate on spending a "Sweet Hour in Prayer" or is God looking for something different?
Discipline: Memorization and Meditation
The value of memorizing biblical text and then using those texts as an entry-way to the spiritual discipline of meditation. Meditate: to think deeply, to ponder.

Spiritual Disciplines - Fasting
Abbey goes over some of the basic concepts and benefits of the spiritual discipline of fasting.

Abbey - The Discipline of Service
How acts of service can be part of our "worship."

Discipline: Journaling
How keeping an historical record of your spiritual journey can help you see and understand God's leading in your life.




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